Tithables for Portsmouth to New Mill Creek-1778


People in this repository that where part of this event

Name Owner
Merchant Thomas Brown - Norfolk
Sampson Thomas Brown - Norfolk
Dinah David Porter - Norfolk
Pomp John Morris -
Jane Nathaniel Burgess - Norfolk
Moses George Kelly - Portsmouth
Joseph Richard Brown - Portsmouth [This Joseph appears in Richard Brown's tithables in 1778 and we believe it is likely to be Joseph Brown (he is not listed in Matthew Phrip's tithables in 1778), who is owned by Matthew Phrip, but working for Richard Brown. There was a very close connection between Capt. John Phrip (Matthew's father) and Richard Brown who appeared to exchange slaves. ]
Jeffery Nathaniel Burgess - Norfolk
Charity Isaac Luke - Portsmouth
Hannah George Burgess - Norfolk
George George Burgess - Norfolk
Ceasar Richard Brown - Portsmouth