Johnson families from Virginia

The name Johnson/ Johnstone/ Johnston is not a name of slaveowners in the Norfolk area in the tithable lists for 1770s, but the name is well represented among the runaways from Norfolk. On first consideration one might think this surname was applied by the British, since Johnson was a common name for black men in 18th century Britain. However, early in the 18th century there was William Johnson and his sons John, Robert and James, plus brother Benjamin and son Joseph at Portsmouth. At various times these men were in partnership with, or working for, leading merchants and sea captains in the Portsmouth area..

In 1750 William Johnson owned a slave named Prince. William Johnson’s son Robert was listed in the tithables with Capt Edward Lewellen at the same time. In 1751 he still owned prince but by 1752 none of the Johnsons have tithable slave property. However  but the wife of John Lewellen lists slaves named Prince, Quomehy, Dina, Bess and Nanny on p 44 vol 11. In 1753 a James Thellabell (another captain) has listed Prince & Lucy as his tithable in 1753 on p. 52 for Norfolk. Thelabell appears to be in business with Lewellen/ Lwelling.   Frances Lewelling again 1754  p 87 lists Prince Quomehy Dina Bess and Nanny and while in 1759 Frances Lewellen lists Prince and Nanny p. 136 but no Dina. In the same year but a different time, James Thelabell also list Prince Lucy and Nancy on p 150 for 1759 in Norfolk and his neighbour lists Dina p 210 and again in 1766 Vol 11 p 5  Thellabell lists  Prince, Lucy and Nanny. In 1767 Elizabeth Bayne lists Dina and Nanny, but not Prince and Lucy. In 1774 John Baynes lists Nanny and Nan and George Kelly lists Prince and Betty [Lucy?]. By 1780 Bayne lists only one Nan.

Other children  in this branch might be:
Hannah Johnson 13, daughter of Nancy
Luke Johnson 12, son of Nancy
Fanny Johnson 5, daughter of Nancy
Luke Johnson 18, owner Charles Connor [Connors long intermarried with Baynes]
Chloe Johnson 18, owner George Robinson. [Robinson is John Baynes son-in law. She may be married to Luke]
Nanny Johnson 6, owner George Robinson
Judith Johnson 18, owner Samuel Eliot

Benjamin Johnson in Portsmouth owned a couple the couple Cuff and Hannah in 1759. In 1761 this couple have been acquired by John Hutchins, p164  vol II . These may be the parents of James Johnson since in 1765 John Hutchins has two James in his lists (but no Cufee or Hannah.) William Herbert appears to have acquired one of the James as in 1765. He still lists a James in his tithables p 255 vol 111 in  1778.
Other children related to these people might be:
Bob Johnson 18, owner William Hunter Princes Ann County
William Johnson 21, owner John Chapman, Princess Anne County [possible married to Patty Johnson born free]