Jack Jordan

Jack 55, and his wife Venus, travel on board the Nautilus. Jack was owned by Robert Jordan one of the extensive Quaker family from Nansemond County. We assume Jack was included in Robert Jordan's claim to have lost 9 slaves to the British. Jack and Venus are not in the Birchtown Muster but are in the Annapolis muster. Jack Jordan was a preacher in Annapolis. He relocated to Sierra Leone in 1791.

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  • Virginia's Black Methodists -

    Norfolk’s enslaved Methodists  owed conversion to Robert Williams, a self-funded Wesleyan itinerant from Ireland who arrived at Norfolk en route to New York in the summer of 1769. By 1776 there were several large Black Methodist meetings in the area around Norfolk.

  • The Radical Methodist Congregation of Daddy Moses -

    Quite a few Methodists made it to Dunmore between December 1775 and May 1776. Mary Perth and others came from Willoughby's plantation in Princess Ann County,  Nathaniel Snowball absconded from a plantation in neighboring Norfolk County, his wife Violet came with her son Nathaniel from Princess Anne County, while his brother Timothy, slipped away from another master in Norfolk.

  • The Jordan and Pleasants Families -

    Thomas Jordan was a Quaker who arrived in Virginia in 1624 and who married Margaret Brauseur (Bracey/Bressie). By the 18th century the Jordans, all descended from the eight sons of Thomas, were the most significant Quaker family in Virginia

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7/ Nov

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Lord Dunmore's Proclamation - Norfolk

  • John Murray, Lord Dunmore -

    John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore (1732 – 25 February 1809), was the  colonial governor of Virginia at the outbreak of the American Revolution.

Source for this event: Lord Dunmore's Proclamation




Small Pox outbreak - Gwynn's Island

  • Small Pox -

    In January 1776  smallpox made an appearance in Virginia. Although smallpox had been present in the colony at times before there had never been such a serious and widespread outbreak.


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Treaty of Paris - Paris France

  • Treaty of Paris -

    In November 1782 a provisional peace treaty was hammered out between the British and the Americans in Paris.

Source for this event: Treaty of Paris


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Evacuation of New York - New York

  • Evacuation of New York -

    In April 1783 the first evacuation fleet left for Nova Scotia. A week later  the British Commander, Sir Guy Carleton, sailed up the Hudson River to Orangetown for a conference with General Washington to discuss the evacuation. As the victorious commander, Washington opened the meeting by reiterating the resolution of Congress regarding “the delivery of all Negroes and other property.”

Source for this event: The Book of Negroes
Vessel Names and their Commanders Where Bound Names Age Description Names of the Person in whose Possession they now are Remarks
Master: Kildare Williamson
Albaro Jack Jordan 55 stout little man John Job Formerly Slave to Robert Jordan, Nansemond. Left 7 years ago. Certificate from General Birch.
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Patriot claims for losses to the British

Source for this event: Patriot claims for losses to the British
[We have assumed that Robert Jordan claimed Jack Jordan]


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List of those wishing to go to Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone

Source for this event: List of those wishing to go to Sierra Leone.
Name Age Where Born Number Of Children Age Of Eldest Occupation Property
Js Gordon 40 1 9 farmer 3 acres purchased with a house