Fanny Davis

Fanny Davis is the child of Anney and William Davis. In the Book of Negroes Anney is listed as having two children one aged 7 and the other aged 4. In the Birchtown muster two children are again listed this time with names. The first is 7 year old Betsey, or Fanny's sister the other is four month old Fanny. Given these two conflicting ages for Fanny between the BON and the Birchtown Muster it is unclear as to what the age of Fanny really is. She clearly has a 7 year old sister, so it is assumed that her age -rather than being the 4 months stated in the Birctown -was actually 4 years old as stated in the BON. That age being closer to her sisters. Either way and unlike her sister she was born free behind British lines. She does not have a listing of her own in the BON but is along with her sister part of her mothers listing.
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7/ Nov

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Lord Dunmore's Proclamation - Norfolk

  • John Murray, Lord Dunmore -

    John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore (1732 – 25 February 1809), was the  colonial governor of Virginia at the outbreak of the American Revolution.

Source for this event: Lord Dunmore's Proclamation


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Treaty of Paris - Paris France

  • Treaty of Paris -

    In November 1782 a provisional peace treaty was hammered out between the British and the Americans in Paris.

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Birchtown Muster - Birchtown

Source for this event: Birchtown Muster of Free Blacks
Name Age Occupation Families they lived with Companies they belong to Remarks Company They Are Now With
Fanny Davis 6 months Captain Perth's Company
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