Philip Gordon

Philip Gordon gets his name from his former owner George Gordon. This man was in fact Josiah Jordan. The name therefore is likely to be Jordan not Gordon. The Jordans were prominent Quakers in Virginia. Philip is listed with his wife Priscilla in the Book of Negroes. Unusually his wife is listed twice. In her first entry she has a child with her called Mary - this is almost certainly her child with Philip. The family are together in the Birchtown Muster, and still called Gordon. Mary has an older sister called Peggy also listed. Mary has the word 'dead' written after her name in this second list indicating that she has died sometime during the compilation of the Muster. This family relocates to Sierra Leone.
Philip Gordon Relationships
  • Shared Owner: Luke Jordan, , Source: The Book of Negroes

Related Background Information

  • Wilkinson family of Nansemond County -

    There seems to be a relationship between the families of Wilkinson and Jordan because of the close connection between the runaways. “Daddy Moses” Wilkinson, who was owned by Mills Wilkinson, was the dominant Methodist among the runaway cohort from this region, but the other Methodist preachers are all owned by Jordans. Luke and Phillip Jordan  owned by Josiah Jordan married to women owned by Wilkinson.

  • The Jordan and Pleasants Families -

    Thomas Jordan was a Quaker who arrived in Virginia in 1624 and who married Margaret Brauseur (Bracey/Bressie). By the 18th century the Jordans, all descended from the eight sons of Thomas, were the most significant Quaker family in Virginia

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7/ Nov

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Lord Dunmore's Proclamation - Norfolk

  • John Murray, Lord Dunmore -

    John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore (1732 – 25 February 1809), was the  colonial governor of Virginia at the outbreak of the American Revolution.

Source for this event: Lord Dunmore's Proclamation




Siege of Yorktown - YorkTown


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Treaty of Paris - Paris France

  • Treaty of Paris -

    In November 1782 a provisional peace treaty was hammered out between the British and the Americans in Paris.

Source for this event: Treaty of Paris


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Evacuation of New York - New York

  • Evacuation of New York -

    In April 1783 the first evacuation fleet left for Nova Scotia. A week later  the British Commander, Sir Guy Carleton, sailed up the Hudson River to Orangetown for a conference with General Washington to discuss the evacuation. As the victorious commander, Washington opened the meeting by reiterating the resolution of Congress regarding “the delivery of all Negroes and other property.”

Source for this event: The Book of Negroes
Vessel Names and their Commanders Where Bound Names Age Description Names of the Person in whose Possession they now are Remarks
L'Abondance - July
Master: Lt. Philips
Port Roseway Philip Gordon 23 stout fellow Formerly Slave to George Jordan, Nansemond. Left 3 years ago. Certificate from General Birch.
[We think Philip Gordon actual ran in: 1779]
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Birchtown Muster - Birchtown

Source for this event: Birchtown Muster of Free Blacks
Name Age Occupation Families they lived with Companies they belong to Remarks Company They Are Now With
Philip Gordon 25 Labourer Captain Perth's Company
Philip Gordon's Relationships