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The Book of Negroes
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Samuel Gullet, 32, stout fellow, black, (Hugh Hays).Formerly slave to William Deshee, Wooster County, Virginia;left him 5 years past.

Hester Singleton, 30, stout, flat square wench, M, (Hugh Hays). Formerly slave to John Shingleton, Wanda River, SouthCarolina; left him 5 years past.

Catharine, 17, stout flat square wench. James Dowell, claimant. Free born in the family of James Dowell at Albany.

Nancy, 20, slim made black wench, (William Cassells).Formerly slave to Mr. Dove, Georgia; left him at the Siegeof Savannah.

Phillis, 34, stout wench, (John Wilson). Formerly slave to Andrew Stewart, Crane Island, Virginia; left him 4 years ago.

Nan, 12, stout girl, (John Wilson). Formerly slave toCharles Connor, Crane Island, Virginia; left him 4 yearsago.

Nancy, 25, stout wench, (Benjamin Palmer). Formerly slaveto John Wigfall, Charlestown, South Carolina; left him 3years ago.

Nancy Broughton, 24, remarkably stout & lusty, scars right arm, (Alpheus Palmer). Formerly slave to Thermer Hogwood,Princess Ann County, Virginia; left him 4 years ago.

Little Dale bound for Halifax Ketrick, Master

Barbara Ogden, 35, stout wench, (on her own bottom).Formerly slave to Stephen Baldwin, Paramus, New Jersey;left him 4 years ago.

Peter, 15, (Capt. Pitcairn, 82 Regt). Formerly slave toJohn Munn, Charlestown, South Carolina; left him 2 yearspast by proclamation.

Ship Ann bound for Port Roseway Joseph Clark, Master

James Robertson, 49, thin, pilot by order, (Capt. Mowat). Formerly slave to Captain Paul Layon, Portsmouth, Virginia;left him 4 years ago, employed as a pilot.

Betsey Robertson, 46, thin wench, (Capt. Mowat). Formerlyslave to Captain Paul Layon, Portsmouth, Virginia; left himwith her husband.

James Robertson, 2 1/2, small boy, (Capt. Mowat).

James Jackson 50, thin, goes as pilot (Capt. Mowat).Formerly slave to late Robert Tucker, Norfolk, Virginia;left him with Lord Dunmore when he left that country & wasemployed as a pilot.

Judith Jackson, 24, thin wench, mulatto, (Capt. Mowat). Says she served her time to John Bell at Cape Fear and leftthat with the army of Sir H. Clinton in 1776.

Harry Jackson, 8, good L boy, (Capt. Mowat).

Charles Fox, 33, stout fellow, (John Anderson). Formerly slave to John Fox, Gloster, Virginia; left him about fiveyears ago by proclamation. GBC.

Rachel Fox, 42, thin weakly wench, (John Anderson). Formerly slave to James Moorfield, late of Norfolk,Virginia; came from thence with Lord Dunmore. GBC.

London Jackson, 32, stout fellow, pilot by order (Capt. Mowat). Formerly slave to William Ballad, Hampton,Virginia; left him two years past.

Sebro Jackson, 25, thin wench, mulatto (Capt. Mowat). Formerly slave to Luke Sheets, New York, who left him therein the year 1782; sent on board the Thetis.

Zelpher Jackson, 1/2 Formerly slave to Luke Sheets, NewYork, who left him there in the year 1782; sent on board the Thetis.

Nelly Jackson, 33, stout wench. Formerly slave to Hampstead Bailie, Hampton, Virginia; left him two years past.

Nancy Walker, 21, likely wench, M, (on her own bottom).Formerly slave to Col. Correl, Hampton, Virginia; left him two years past.

James Collin, 43, ordinary man, pilot by order (Capt.Mowat). Formerly slave to John Williams, Norfolk, Virginia;taken by Gen. Arnold at Petersburgh 3 years past.

Dick Leich, 28, (ordinary man, pilot by order). (Capt. Mowat). Money Goddin, Nansemond, Virginia; taken prisoner about 5 years past by the St. Alban Man of War.

Ruth Leich, 20, stout wench, (Capt. Mowat). Formerly slave to Col. Correl, Virginia; left him two years past.

Grace Leich, 17, likely wench, (Capt. Mowat). Formerlyslave to Col. Correl, Virginia; left him two years past.

Jacob Wanton, 35, ordinary man, (James Cotton). Formerly slave to Latham Thurston, Rhode Island; left him with thetroops 4 years past by proclamation.

Thomas Hicks, 15, fine boy, M, (John Norstrant). Born free at Rockaway.

Thomas Terhune, 19, fine boy M, (Paul Speed). Formerly slave to Samuel Terhune, Hackensack; left him 2 ½ years past.

Dinah Terhune, 16, thin girl, (Paul Speed). Formerly slave to Colin Bruce, New York; both the property of Paul Speed as appears by Bill of Sale produced at the inspection.

Prince Few, 26, thin mulatto, (Robert McCulloch). Free born, Pearson town, Connecticut.

Judah Few, 35, stout M wench, child 5 years old. (Robert McCulloch). Free born, James Way's, English Kills, Newtown,Long Island.

Abigail, 35, stout M. wench with child 4 mo. (Thomas Statia). Formerly slave to White at Brunswick, New Jersey; left him five years ago.

John Pell, 28, stout man, pock marked, (William Hill). Free as appears by a Certificate of General Birch to whom he was given by Sir Henry Clinton; says he left Charlestown about 5 years ago.

John Pell, 14, stout mulatto boy, (William Hill). Son to the above mentioned person.

Judah Pell, 25, S.B. Wench, child 5 yrs, old, (William Hill). Formerly slave to Dr. Ramsey, Norfolk, Virginia; left him about five years ago.

Casar Nicholls, 22, stout black man, (William Hill). Formerly slave to Dr. Van Wick at Fishkills; left him 31/2 years ago.

Peter Warner, 30, stout, cut above his left eye, (William Hill). Formerly slave to Michael Mount, Monmouth, New Jersey; left him 5 years ago. GBC.

Effie Warner, 33, stout wench & boy 2 yrs, old, (William Hill). Formerly slave to John Matthews, Princess Ann, Virginia; left him 5 years ago. GBC.

Dick Gray, 25, stout fellow, (William Hill). Free; says he served until he was 21 years of age with John Lee, Westfield Massachusetts.

Harry 23, stout, John Anderson of Port Roseway, claimant. (John Anderson). Purchased as per Bill of Sale from Medcalf Eden, New York; born on Staten Island.

William, 14, fine boy. (John Anderson of Port Roseway, claimant.) John Anderson purchased from Hugh Dunn, New York; born nigh Stoney Point. Formerly the property of Edison, taken with a guard of the enemy by a party from the Garrison, 1779.