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The Book of Negroes
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Jude, 14, short wench. (Donn Van Dyne of St. John's claimant. (Donn Van Dyne). Property of Donn Van Dyne in whose family she was born.

York, 23, stout fellow, (Richard Vanderborough). Formerly slave to Leonard Van Kluck at Poughkeepsie; left him 5 years ago.

Sarah & 2 children, 25, short mulatto wench, (Richard Vanderborough). Says she was born free in Philip's Manor, lived with Isaac Vermille.

Jack, 15, stout boy, (Christopher Benson, Junr.). Formerly slave to Capt. S. Pearson, King's Creek, Virginia; brought away about 2 years ago by Capt. Kidd, New York,Commanding a privateer.

Bridgewater, bound for St. John's River, Daniel Adnitt

Joe, 12, fine boy. Joseph O. Forrester of St. John's, claimant. (Joseph O. Forrester). Property of Captain Forrester who the boy says purchased him.

Jack, 38, stout fellow, M. Nathaniel Dickenson of St. John's, claimant. (Nathaniel Dickenson). Property of Nathaniel Dickenson, sold to him by John Day.

Betty, 20, stout wench. Nathaniel Dickenson of St. John's claimant. (Nathaniel Dickenson). Property of Nathaniel Dickenson, purchased from Jennings of New York.

Sukey, 4, fine girl. Nathaniel Dickenson of St. John's, claimant. (Nathaniel Dickenson). Property of Nathaniel Dickenson, present from the Rev. Mr. Badger.

Daniel Cary, 22, stout fellow, (William Bogle). Formerly slave to Richard Wyatt Carlyne in Virginia; left him 4 years ago. GBC.

Jack Coley & 3 children, 34 stout fellow, (John White). Formerly slave to David Coley, Fairfield, Connecticut; left him 6 years ago. GBC.

Dinah, 24, stout wench, (John White). Free, purchased her freedom from Joseph Handford of Fairfield, Connecticut.

Cuffie, 40, stout fellow, (Enoch Garish). Formerly slave to Hornet Famier, Mele Square, N.J. province; left him 7 years ago.

Jemima & 2 children, 18, stout wench, (Enoch Garish). Free, served her time with Ebenezer Beman of Long Island.

John Wilkins, 26, stout fellow, scar on his chin, (Peter Toner). Formerly slave of John Thomas, Harrison's purchase, to Chester; left him 7 years ago.

Dolly, 24, stout squat wench, (James Morrel). Formerly slave of Robert Troup, Portsmouth, Virginia; left him 7 years ago. GBC.

Robert Lawson, 34, stout fellow, (James Morrel). Formerly slave of John Gordon, Fairfield, Virginia; left him 6 years ago. GBC.

Philip, 40, stout fellow, low sized, (Dr. Clarke). Formerly slave of William Dandridge, James River, Virginia; left him 3 years ago. GBC.

Ann, 15, fine wench, (John McPherson). Formerly slave of Thomas Venters, Virginia.

Molly, 15, stout low wench, pock marked, (Alexander Stuart). Formerly slave of Richard Brookes, Gwyn's Island,Virginia; left him 9 months.

Adam, 11, fine boy, John Cochran of St. John's, claimant. (John Cochran). Free born, bound to John Cochran until 21 years of age.

Dutchess of Gordon bound for St. John's River James Holmes,Master

Sam, 34, stout fellow, (Hugh Quig). Formerly slave to John Grimes of Norfolk, Virginia; left him 4 years ago. GBC.

Sarah & 5 children, 26, short wench, (Hugh Quig). Formerly slave to Edmund Bruce of Norfolk, Virginia; left him 4 years ago. GBC.

Jack White, 40, short fellow, (Hugh Quig). Formerly slave to John white of Norfolk, Virginia; left him 4 years ago. GBC.

Ceasor Closs, 36, stout fellow, (Samuel Nicklin). Formerly slave to Bowes Reed of Burlington, New Jersey; left him 2 years ago. GBC.

In pursuance of two orders from His Excellency Sir Guy Carleton K. B. General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces from Nova Scotia to West Florida inclusive, both dated Head Quarters, New York, the one 15 April 1783 and the other 2nd May, We whose names are hereunto subscribed do certify that we did carefully
inspect the aforegoing Vessels on the 13th June 1783 and that on board the said vessels we found the Negroes mentioned in the foregoing List amounting to sixty eight men, twenty seven woman and fifty one children and to the best of our Judgment believe them to be all the Negroes on board the said vessels and we enquired of the Master of each Vessel whether he had any Records, Deeds, Archives or papers or other property of the Citizens of the United States on board and to each Enquiry We were answered in the negative. And we further certify that We furnished each master of a Vessel with a Certified List of the Negroes on board the Vessel and informed him that he would not be permitted to Land in Nova Scotia any other Negroes than those contained on the List and that if any other Negroes were found on board the Vessel he would be severely punished and that We informed the Agent for the Transports of this matter and desired him to use means for returning back to this place all Negroes not mentioned in the List.

[Signed] Present at the above Inspection on the Part of the United States: Egbert Benson; W.S. Smith, Lieut. Col.; Nathaniel Philips, M.D.; Daniel Parker; T. Gilfillan, DQM Gen.; Wilbar Cook, Capt. 27 Reg't.; William Armstrong; Samuel Jones, Secretary.