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The Book of Negroes
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- the board) and to the best of our Judgment believe them to be all the Negroes on board the said vessels and we enquired of the Master of each Vessel whether he had any Records, Deeds, Archives or papers or other property of the Citizens of the United States on board and to each Enquiry We were answered in the negative. And we further certify that We furnished each master of a Vessel with a Certified List of the Negroes on board the Vessel and informed him that he would not be permitted to Land in Nova Scotia any other Negroes than those contained on the List and that if any other Negroes were found on board the Vessel he would be severely punished and that We informed the Agent for the Transports of this matter and desired him to use means for returning back to this place all Negroes not mentioned in the List.

[Signed]: W.S. Smith, Col., On the Part of the United States; Samuel Jones, Secretary; Armstrong, DJGP. Gen.; Gilfillan, DVM Gen.